Your Restroom Could Be Costing You Money.

JanNet Sanitize-Plus service is a No-Touch Restroom Hygiene Cleaning Service that sanitizes restrooms with a revolutionary cleaning system proven to be 60 times more effective at reducing illness-causing germs than conventional cleaning methods.

How Does It Work?

Our specialist will use a KaiVac machine No-Touch technology, an advanced, science-based cleaning system with three separate and powerful features: chemical injection, a pressure washer, and a high-powered wet vac. With this advanced system, the JanNet Sanitize-Plus Program reduces dirt, grime and bio-pollutants 300% faster than traditional methods of restroom cleaning and don’t created cross-contamination.

toilet cleaning basin spraying wet vac power spraying
Why Should I Consider Sanitize-Plus?

Traditional cleaning tools such as string mops and rags do a poor job of removing dirt, bacteria and other contaminants. The JanNet Sanitize-Plus Hygiene Cleaning Service is faster and more effective at thoroughly removing dirt, grime, and bio-pollutants to reduce the risk of illness and eliminate odors.

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Improve Customer Loyalty

Studies show that unsanitary restrooms will drive 30% of customers away. Ensure that your customers and employees have a pleasant restroom experience. The JanNet Sanitize-Plus Hygiene Cleaning Service leaves restrooms clean, deodorized and sanitized – something that your customers will find pleasing.


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