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Refresh Carpets for the Spring

Take Advantage of JanNet’s Spring Deals to Refresh your Facility’s Carpets!

It is the perfect time to schedule carpet maintenance now that the winter season is finally winding down.

Getting stubborn salts and grime build-up that has accumulated over the last few months is crucial for the future health and upkeep of a facility’s carpeting, especially for areas that see the most traffic.

JanNet consults its clients on protecting their flooring investments, such as carpets and rugs, while taking into consideration three important aspects: the attributes of the carpet itself, the planned level of maintenance, and the desired life expectancy. We can tailor an affordable floor maintenance plan to any facility.

Establish the Right Carpet Maintenance Schedule

Proper planning and scheduling prevents multiple issues, such as:

  • Overcleaning, which can lead to premature deterioration
  • Unhealthy work environments as a result of poor indoor air quality due to embedded allergens, fungal spores, dust mites, and microbes
  • Persistent “mystery” odors
  • Window cleaning
  • Build-up of gritty, abrasive particles that cut carpet fibers over time, dulling the appearance and wearing down the pile

Thorough carpet cleanings should be done at least once a year, if only because of carpeting’s innate ability to hide and retain soil, but often the work being done in between can be just as important in the long term. Establishing regular vacuuming, maintaining mats in entrances especially during the winter, and implementing interim services to keep the carpeting groomed will be significant in preventing, or at least postponing, major restorations or replacements.

Cleanlink.com’s article “Is Carpeting Detrimental to Indoor Air Quality?” recommends that the focus be kept on high traffic areas, such as, “entrances, hallways, walkways between desks, stairways or elevators, eating areas/water coolers.” However, the biggest take away regarding the relationship between indoor air quality and carpeting is that despite appearances, carpets are capable of retaining particles that contribute to unhealthy environments: “The tremendous reservoir capacity of a carpet means that it contains not only large quantities of dirt but food particles, hairs, and fibers as well.” (Source)

Get to Know your Options in Carpet Service

Two carpet treatments to consider are bonnet cleaning and hot water extractions:

  • Bonnet cleaning is a low moisture interim treatment that improves the surface appearance with a very brief drying time. The process utilizes a low-speed floor machine and chemical solutions to transfer superficial particles and stains to the bonnet, a fabric pad. It’s a great service to utilize in between shampoo and hot water extraction.
    • Great for improving the appearance of walkways without down time
  • Shampoo & hot water extraction is considered a restorative treatment as it thoroughly cleans the carpet fibers using a brushing system and Spartan detergent. This intensive cleaning method utilizes more moisture and therefore relies on thorough extraction, ventilation, and vacuuming.

As a JanNet International client you will be able to rely on an experienced team of professionals that specialize in carpet care at great discounts and without the need of additional contractors. JanNet offers integrated services – meaning we can perform special services when night cleaning and regular maintenance are not enough, without the use of external contractors. This offers our clients the peace of mind and facility security that comes with a full service cleaning and maintenance provider like JanNet International.

Call us today to learn more about our programs and offers!

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Why Strip and Refinish Floors?

The Importance of Proper Floor Care:

Popular hard floors such as linoleum, VCT and LVT are waxed floors that require a coating to keep them shiny and smooth. As wax, or “finish”, wears off after heavy usage or aging, a yellowing of the wax becomes apparent and the wax can even begin to flake off. Periodic stripping and reapplication of finishing using proper technical expertise is essential to the maintenance of these types of floors. The strip and refinish service has the benefit of reviving floors and renewing high-gloss shine while providing a fresh, protective layer that can last years with the right upkeep.

Floor care is all about preventing dirt from becoming embedded. Once loose or stuck debris and dirt becomes embedded into the finishing or the surface of the floor, it can require more restorative services in order to improve the appearance and durability.

Depending on the traffic of the facility, a strip and refinish should be scheduled annually as part of regular maintenance to protect floors and prevent conditions that would lead to costly irreparable damage.

floor refinishing fb

What does Refinishing do?

1. Prevents scratches, stains, and discolorations
2. Prevents dislodging or lifting of tiles
3. Provides an easier to maintain surface for day to day cleaning

How Does it Work?

1. Emulsifier (stripping solution) application dissolves existing finish
2. Machine scrubbing removes dirt and old finish; manual scrubbing details corners and wall edges
3. Wet vacuuming removes any remaining solution
4. Rinsing and mopping with neutralizer prepares the surface
5. Application of new finishing coats

Options for Maintenance:

There are several ways to approach floor care in between each strip and refinish service. The main differences lie in the chemicals and equipment necessary. Depending on the facility’s traffic, perception goals, and maintenance budget there are a few options to keep floors looking optimal:

Scrub & Recoat – Stripping completely removes old floor finish, while scrubbing can remove only the top layer of the finish, which is typically where the problems lie. However, this service does not improve stains and yellowing of older wax that occurs naturally over time and can only be improved by stripping all the wax.

Burnishing – Burnishing is essentially ultra-high speed buffing that crystalizes the existing surface wax through a process that creates heat through friction. It has the ability to “seal” a floor’s porous surface and polishes to a high gloss shine. Burnishing services are limited as the process removes a fine layer of wax each time, eventually requiring a re-coating.

Buffing – Buffing primarily helps to improve a floor’s shine between services – through a process that uses friction to polish the existing wax. It is a low cost alternative to burnishing, but does not produce the same shine.

school floors fb3

Post-Service Care & Maintenance

Protecting the new finish is just as important as the stripping and refinishing service itself. It is essential to use a neutral floor cleaner on surfaces that have a finishing to prevent harsh chemicals from gradually “eating” away at the coat layers, damaging the gloss and its durability. Preventing scratches will also help to make the finish last as long as possible, even simple measures such as placing felt pads under furniture that is moved often will make a noticeable difference.

Additionally, placing floor mats in entrances and exits can go a long way in preventing dirt and debris from being tracked further indoors, and can be especially effective in winter when salts and moisture add to the usual day to day soils.

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Prevent Cross-Contamination

The Best Approach for Maintaining a Healthy Facility with JanNet International

As flu season approaches, we find more and more facility managers reaching out to us to help them find the best method to prevent cross-contamination of germs and disease-carrying bacteria. Costly and persistent, contaminants can result in unhealthy environments, increased sick days, and guest aversion.

Our #1 Recommendation is the Kaivac Spray & Vac No-Touch Cleaning System

Kaivac’s powerful, multi-purpose system is equipped with a built-in pressure washer that cleans better than a basic mop ever could, even proven to be 60 times more effective at removing bacterial contamination.

A simple, three-step process, our workers begin by spraying cleaning solution to the area, they then blast the soils to the floor with the high pressure spray, and finally they vacuum the area dry, completely removing soils, bacteria and other bio-hazardous contaminants. Learn more about preventing cross-contamination with this informative video from Kaivac.

Kaivac Infographic

Ideal for germ-sensitive environments such as gyms, schools, medical facilities, food prep areas, and facilities with heavy traffic and public restrooms with consistent results. The spray and vac approach ensures the removal of contaminants and soils, rather than spreading – thus greatly reducing the risk of disease transfer.

Multi-Purpose and Easy to Use

Kaivac is also excellent for tile and grout floors and walls – it can revitalize grouts via the pressure washing capability. Embedded soils and stains, the consequence of mopping, can be eliminated. Particularly relevant for high traffic restrooms where persistent odors can hide in porous grouts.

Despite rigorous cleaning schedules, if the proper cleaning method is not being used, odors and stains will persist and worsen. Facilities deal with three kinds of dirt – loose, stuck, and embedded. Our approach is to avoid ever reaching the stage where dirt becomes stuck and embedded. With the proper methods and tools, we prevent the need for massive overhauls and costly restoration projects.

NSFI Certified for Safety

Another benefit of the spray and vac approach is preventing slippery floors. All solution used by the spray is then vacuumed and floors are ready for use – effectively eliminating drying time. Compare to mopping, which can leave dampness and residues that create a slipping hazard. Consequently, this reduces the chemical exposure to workers and guests. Read more about the National Floor Safetey Institute’s recognition of Kaivac’s cleaning systems.


Easy to maintain, easy to move, and easy to use. The Kaivac system offers solutions to complicated cleaning situations while being cost-effective and reducing labor time. These are savings that we pass on to our clients. In facilities where we have implemented the Kaivac cleaning systems, our clients have observed a marked improvement in the overall health and cleanliness of their facilities, as well as improved visitor and employee satisfaction.

Excellent For:

K-12 Education & Universities
Gyms / Exercise Facilities / YMCAs
Food Preparation / Manufacturing
Healthcare Facilities
Facilities with heavy traffic restrooms, locker rooms, and showers

Learn More:

NFSI Certified – read about Kaivac’s accolades and awards from the National Floor Safety Institute

The Healthy and Safe Facility Handbook sponsored by Kaivac for Schools & Colleges

National Restaurant Association Award

Visit Kaivac for more information!

Safe & Efficient Window Cleaning

Unger nLite

It’s the perfect time to schedule a window cleaning with JanNet. With the right tools and applications, professional commercial window cleaning can be done safely and efficiently. There is simply no longer a need to put workers in dangerous situations. To achieve this, JanNet International uses Unger’s award winning nLite® range of telescopic water-fed carbon poles:

“Suitable for cleaning of glass and building facades, stainless steel, solar panels, signage and vehicles, the nLite® Water Fed Pole system includes everything you need to clean at heights of up to 20 m high safely from the ground.”

A Forward-Thinking Focus

Innovation in cleaning technology is essential to the evolution of the maintenance industry. Focusing on the newest and most forward-thinking developments highlighted by the ISSA Innovation Awards as well as their trade shows and expos allows us to provide our clients with the best solutions to their facility needs.

Unger nLite Brochure-3

Read the brochure for more details.

Protect the Investment – The Importance of Maintenance

Facility managers are well aware of the high costs of renovation, especially when it comes to windows. Renovation is preventable, all it requires is consistent maintenance to keep erosion at bay. Preventing permanent damage is the goal. Maintenance ensures that the natural build up of pollutants, acid, and dirt is not left to penetrate and erode the glass, as well as the surrounding frames and ledges.

Windows can be one of the most impressive aspects of a facility, but without proper annual maintenance, it can easily produce the opposite effect. Highlight the best features and qualities of a facility, and the results will surprise you. Call us today for a free quote, we would be more than happy to determine an approach that fits your facility!

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