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Refresh Carpets for the Spring

Take Advantage of JanNet’s Spring Deals to Refresh your Facility’s Carpets!

It is the perfect time to schedule carpet maintenance now that the winter season is finally winding down.

Getting stubborn salts and grime build-up that has accumulated over the last few months is crucial for the future health and upkeep of a facility’s carpeting, especially for areas that see the most traffic.

JanNet consults its clients on protecting their flooring investments, such as carpets and rugs, while taking into consideration three important aspects: the attributes of the carpet itself, the planned level of maintenance, and the desired life expectancy. We can tailor an affordable floor maintenance plan to any facility.

Establish the Right Carpet Maintenance Schedule

Proper planning and scheduling prevents multiple issues, such as:

  • Overcleaning, which can lead to premature deterioration
  • Unhealthy work environments as a result of poor indoor air quality due to embedded allergens, fungal spores, dust mites, and microbes
  • Persistent “mystery” odors
  • Window cleaning
  • Build-up of gritty, abrasive particles that cut carpet fibers over time, dulling the appearance and wearing down the pile

Thorough carpet cleanings should be done at least once a year, if only because of carpeting’s innate ability to hide and retain soil, but often the work being done in between can be just as important in the long term. Establishing regular vacuuming, maintaining mats in entrances especially during the winter, and implementing interim services to keep the carpeting groomed will be significant in preventing, or at least postponing, major restorations or replacements.

Cleanlink.com’s article “Is Carpeting Detrimental to Indoor Air Quality?” recommends that the focus be kept on high traffic areas, such as, “entrances, hallways, walkways between desks, stairways or elevators, eating areas/water coolers.” However, the biggest take away regarding the relationship between indoor air quality and carpeting is that despite appearances, carpets are capable of retaining particles that contribute to unhealthy environments: “The tremendous reservoir capacity of a carpet means that it contains not only large quantities of dirt but food particles, hairs, and fibers as well.” (Source)

Get to Know your Options in Carpet Service

Two carpet treatments to consider are bonnet cleaning and hot water extractions:

  • Bonnet cleaning is a low moisture interim treatment that improves the surface appearance with a very brief drying time. The process utilizes a low-speed floor machine and chemical solutions to transfer superficial particles and stains to the bonnet, a fabric pad. It’s a great service to utilize in between shampoo and hot water extraction.
    • Great for improving the appearance of walkways without down time
  • Shampoo & hot water extraction is considered a restorative treatment as it thoroughly cleans the carpet fibers using a brushing system and Spartan detergent. This intensive cleaning method utilizes more moisture and therefore relies on thorough extraction, ventilation, and vacuuming.

As a JanNet International client you will be able to rely on an experienced team of professionals that specialize in carpet care at great discounts and without the need of additional contractors. JanNet offers integrated services – meaning we can perform special services when night cleaning and regular maintenance are not enough, without the use of external contractors. This offers our clients the peace of mind and facility security that comes with a full service cleaning and maintenance provider like JanNet International.

Call us today to learn more about our programs and offers!

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Sustainable Solutions

Spartan Chemical, a long-time partner of JanNet International and renowned industry leader committed to sustainable products and solutions, continues to pioneer new formulations that prove that environmentally-conscious cleaning is just as effective, if not more so, than conventional methods.

Spartan’s Green Seal certified products include a complete line of janitorial solutions from window cleaner to floor stripper. The high-performance line of sustainable solutions includes five categories of environmentally preferable options. Each has been developed to ensure clean facilities without introducing any negative health effects to the building’s occupants or custodial staff.

JanNet currently uses Spartan’s Green Seal line in school systems and commercial spaces with great success. Offering our clients as many options as we can means we are able to tailor a cleaning program that is in line with the goals and initiatives of your organization.

Getting Started

One example of a simple way to introduce “green cleaning” into your facility is to have carpet extractions using Spartan’s “Clean by Peroxy” product which is a biodegradable, environmentally responsible solution that effectively uses the power of peroxide to remove surface soil, grease, and grime.

Read more about Spartan’s sustainable solutions!


What Services Should I Look For in Commercial Cleaning?

Having reliable commercial cleaning services is extremely important for the success of a business. Clients, business partners, and employees will develop a certain morale over the appearance of the building. Several types of reliable commercial cleaning services should be looked for when choosing a commercial cleaning company. The following services can help to keep your building or office in pristine condition:

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Specialists can come in and give your hardwood floors a complete makeover. They can diligently go through a professional multistep process that includes sanding the floor to remove deeply ingrained grime and dirt. Next, the specialists will vacuum and wet the floor to ensure that all residue is gone before finishing it.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is another crucial service that will have an impact on your business. Your carpets should always smell fresh and have a vibrant hue that invokes feelings of happiness. Find a company that uses superior equipment and cutting-edge cleaning agents to extract dirt building up and return the original allure of your carpet. The procedure is quick and free of hassle. You can have someone do it weekly, monthly, or every few months.

Restroom Cleaning

Keeping your company restrooms clean may be challenging without professional grade chemicals and the experience of people who were trained to sanitize. Look for a business that offers a sanitizing option, which was designed to clean your restrooms beyond safety standards. This option is more than 60 times more effective than normal restroom procedures used by most businesses.

How To Choose The Right Commercial Cleaner

Local Health Codes

Choosing the correct janitorial service for your business is essential for meeting local health codes for cleanliness in medical facilities and restaurants. A commercial property has more foot traffic each day from clients and customers than a private residence. This leads to a lot of dirt on floors, windows, and bathroom fixtures. Commercial cleaning companies understand the unique sanitizing requirements needed for large office buildings or retail establishments. Government regulations require that public buildings have particular standards to keep the general public safe from breathing dangerous fumes contained in many cleansers. The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States encourages business owners to use environmentally friendly cleansers to prevent air, soil and water pollution.

Innovative Janitorial Services

As the public has become more interested in protecting the environment, commercial cleaning companies are meeting this demand by offering innovative services to businesses. Janitorial services now provide trained employees round-the-clock who understand how to use eco-friendly cleansers to keep a building used by the public odor free and clean. At the same time, the type of equipment used while vacuuming or scrubbing makes a huge difference. High-powered floor polishers, carpet shampooers, and vacuum cleaners require less electricity to get the job completed. Efficient tools requiring smaller amounts of water and cleansers also help to protect a building’s environment.

Understanding Proper Recycling

Business owners focus on saving money when hiring commercial cleaning companies. Environmentally safe cleansers, tools, and equipment are an excellent way to reduce expenses, because manufactures of cleansers make products that are concentrated. Instead of spending a lot of money on disposable items such as paper towels, janitors use washable cloths designed to pick up dust and debris efficiently. In addition to creating less trash, the janitorial service chosen by a business understands how to recycle empty containers properly to avoid adding pollutants to landfills and waterways. The employees from a knowledgeable janitorial service strive to capture dirt at entrances and exits before it is transferred to other areas of a building, leading to using less polish and detergent.

Going Green with Cleaning

In today’s American marketplace, environmentally friendly, or “Green”, services are becoming more of a priority for consumers. Companies that use environmentally friendly cleaning products are sure to have a competitive advantage. As more and more people become environmentally conscious, they are more likely to shop and do business with companies that have the same values that they do.Cheerful woman cleaning white surface in apron and rubber gloves

Some companies now offer Green cleaning and recycling programs. Although these options include environmentally friendly cleaning products, there is much more to it. Many start by preventing dirt in the first place by using mechanical means to capture dirt and pollutants before they enter the building. The smallest details really do count! By emptying vacuum bags when they are only half full, properly measuring and diluting chemicals, and keeping equipment clean and well maintained, cleaning crews are able to maximize efficiency and minimize waste to make for a cleaner, greener product.

Recycling is also a very important part of Green cleaning. Many environmentally friendly cleaning companies use recycled toilet tissue and paper towels that follow the EPA’s guidelines and do not use chlorine in their production. They also help you implement a recycling program for your business. Having a solid recycling program can save your company money and make a positive impression.

Today, people prefer green and environmentally friendly products. People appreciate companies that recycle and use safe, non-toxic cleaning products. There are many NJ cleaning service providers, but only environmentally friendly companies seek to assist you and the environment. Enjoy a cleaner, healthier workplace and the cost savings that can come along with it.