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What are Integrated Services?

As the structure and flow of business continues to evolve, commercial cleaning and building maintenance has to evolve with it. Due to efforts to minimize costs, rising concerns about security risks, and the juggling of growing tasks and responsibilities, Facility Managers are looking to consolidate contractor partnerships in a way that provides the most benefits.

JanNet International has made it a priority to become a single source solution for our clients.

Why look for another contractor to do what your cleaning service should already be able to do? Finding another contractor when the time comes to refinish floors, clean hard-to-reach windows, or when dealing with the unexpected can be time consuming, and, as mentioned, a security risk. Being able to rely on one contractor that can manage all aspects of building maintenance can make all the difference.  That is the basis of integrated services – that is why our clients choose us, and stay with us.

Here’s what you can expect as a JanNet client:

  • 30% discounts on special services that go beyond daily cleaning and maintenance, such as:
    • All floor maintenance, refinishing, and restoration
    • Carpet shampoo and hot water extractions
    • Detailed bathroom cleanings to remove persistent stains and odors
    • Window cleaning
    • Emergency response assistance
  • Free dispensers, including installation and maintenance w/ discounted rates on paper supplies and toiletries which can be scheduled for regular deliveries
  • Reliable and responsive care – with managers available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Professionally-mannered, uniformed, and vetted workers
  • A flexible approach to changing needs and requirements
  • Across-the-board expertise in proper maintenance of all types of facilities
  • Integrated services all under one contract
  • See all our services

Choose a Cleaning Service that does More for You.

JanNet Van

Sustainable Solutions

Spartan Chemical, a long-time partner of JanNet International and renowned industry leader committed to sustainable products and solutions, continues to pioneer new formulations that prove that environmentally-conscious cleaning is just as effective, if not more so, than conventional methods.

Spartan’s Green Seal certified products include a complete line of janitorial solutions from window cleaner to floor stripper. The high-performance line of sustainable solutions includes five categories of environmentally preferable options. Each has been developed to ensure clean facilities without introducing any negative health effects to the building’s occupants or custodial staff.

JanNet currently uses Spartan’s Green Seal line in school systems and commercial spaces with great success. Offering our clients as many options as we can means we are able to tailor a cleaning program that is in line with the goals and initiatives of your organization.

Getting Started

One example of a simple way to introduce “green cleaning” into your facility is to have carpet extractions using Spartan’s “Clean by Peroxy” product which is a biodegradable, environmentally responsible solution that effectively uses the power of peroxide to remove surface soil, grease, and grime.

Read more about Spartan’s sustainable solutions!