Using Technology for High Quality Service & Efficiency
Major investments in technology enable JanNet Janitorial Services to serve our clients better. You’ll save time on service-related administrative tasks and enjoy speedy response to emergencies and special requests.

JanNet’s technology provides benefits that help:

  • Control costs
  • Assure cleaning quality with our Quality Management System
  • Deliver on scheduled services or special requests with our Work Order System
  • Communicate efficiently
  • Provide accurate, timely financial information and service reports
  • Consolidate information to drive process improvements

Quality Management System

Together with you, we develop standards of performance by which the quality of our services can be measured. Our Quality Management System is based on:

Standardized Processes

Carefully documented processes in our comprehensive Quality Manual ensure that we do it right the first time, every time. Because we consistently do things the same way every time, we can objectively measure our performance based on your service requirements.

Regular Inspections

Inspections are conducted on a regular basis by local supervisors and project managers using our PDA-based system with web-enabled reporting. This inspection system has the flexibility to allow you to view and contribute feedback. Our ability to assess, document, and communicate the quality of your service is invaluable to your bottom line, and likewise, is a large part of our success.

Client Communications

Frequent communication is also a key element of our Quality Management System. And we make it easy to communicate with us. Via email, cell phones and PDAs, a project manager is always immediately available to handle your service requests. Another effective way for our clients to have a voice is through our Client Satisfaction Survey, which we use to measure your quality perceptions of our work. We track service issues and implement preventive/corrective measures as soon as possible.

Web-Based Work Orders

At JanNet Janitorial Services, your service requests will never go into a black hole. We use a web-based work order system to quickly respond to, efficiently track, and accurately invoice work orders.
This state-of-the-art system enhances communication between our clients and JanNet employees through integrated mobile communications, (e.g., While onsite, most JanNet supervisors can receive and update work orders through their wireless Blackberries). We can act upon service requests promptly – then track them through completion and invoicing.

Latest Technology in the field saves our client money

JanNet International used the latest in auto-scrubbers and carpet machines like ec-H2O technology electrically from Tennant, that converts water into an innovative cleaning solution that cleans effectively, saves money, improves safety, and reduces environmental impact compared to daily cleaning floor chemicals and methods.

Cleans Effectively

Real-world testing by customers and a third party has shown that scrubbing with ec-H2O technology effectively removes soil. And ec-H2O leaves no chemical residue so your floors retain that polished look with simplified ongoing floor maintenance.

Saves Money

Using ec-H2O technology can deliver cost savings and productivity gains by reducing training, purchasing, storing, handling, and mixing tasks and costs associated with floor cleaning chemicals.

Increases Safety

NFSI certifies that ec-H2O technology significantly improves floor traction, which can reduce slip-and-fall accidents. NSF registration means that ec-H2O is safe to use even in food and beverage handling environments.

Reduces Environmental Impact

ec-H2O technology significantly reduces the environmental impact of cleaning operations in seven key categories, according to a third-party study by Eco Form. Scrubbers equipped with ec-H2O technology can scrub up to three times longer with a single tank of water and use up to 70% less water than conventional floor scrubbing methods.