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About Us

A Drive to Exceed Customer Expectations

Trusted by local and small businesses, and vetted by national brands and global giants, JanNet International has grown over 25 years into a versatile partner that adjusts to fit the commercial cleaning needs of our clients:

  • Our experience servicing a variety of industries, all types of facilities, and projects of small and massive scopes means we can consult our clients on the best approach.
  • A flexible and persevering attitude has allowed us to evolve with changing needs and requirements, adapting to add the commercial cleaning services that are most crucial – making JanNet International a one-stop shop for all facility maintenance needs.
  • Attention to innovation and developing trends in cleaning methods and equipment, as well as long-standing partnerships with industry leaders like Spartan Chemical and Tennant, have allowed us to provide our clients with the best options available to tackle every type of challenge.
  • An emphasis on knowing and understanding our products and services guarantees peace of mind for our clients – they know the job will be done right.

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Meeting Challenges Head-on

Every facility needs maintenance and care. That simple fact means that, as a janitorial services provider, we need to be able to adapt to all kinds of different standards and requirements, based on the type of industry that has approached us for help. Over our 25 years in business, JanNet International has met all challenges head-on and with the mentality that each challenge makes us a better commercial cleaning company.

Customer response to our approach has been extraordinary – they know that they can rely on JanNet to help them face the particular challenges of their facility. They know that together we can find efficient and smart solutions that take the questions and worries out of the equation.