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Floors & Carpets

Maintenance, Restoration, and Renewal

Floors can say a lot about the care and maintenance of a facility – it is also one of the first things people notice. Forming a positive first impression is crucial for industries that rely on return business and customer satisfaction. However, floor maintenance is about more than perception – proper care of floors:

  • Ensures longevity
  • Prevents major overhauls in the long term
  • Contributes to increased safety, helping to prevent dangerous slips and falls

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Our floor specialists are experienced in handling all types of floors and have the expertise to determine the best plan of action to restore any flooring.


Hard-Surface Floors

Hard flooring such as VCT, ceramic, and linoleum is found everywhere from supermarkets to factories, and even hospitals. These floors benefit from a routine maintenance program that focuses on preserving the brilliance of the wax coat. Common services include:

  • Strip & Wax: Depending on the typical level of traffic, stripping and waxing of hard floors is recommended at least once a year to prevent yellowing, and help the surface to resist damage and staining.
  • Scrub & Finish: Occasional scrubbing and re-coating of floors can greatly reduce the need for frequent stripping and waxing.
  • Buffing & Burnishing: Improve and maintain a clean glossy finish with intermittent buffing or burnishing as needed.

Tile & Grout

Proper care of tile & grout flooring requires an approach that takes into consideration the differences between the two materials. One aspect of the maintenance has to address the issues inherent to grout, which is porous and easily discolored, and the other has to be tailored to the type of tile used. Each floor we service is inspected to determine the best process to use for the desired result. With our services, the tile and grout floors in your facility will benefit from increased longevity and lasting beauty.

Natural Stone

Natural stone floors such as marble or granite are highly porous and susceptible to grime build-up, stains, and damage – they require an approach that is gentle enough to protect the integrity of the stone and uses the appropriate products for the material. The key to successful maintenance and restoration of natural stone floors is experience – with JanNet you can rest assured that there will be no surprises.

Hardwood Floors

Restore the beauty of hardwood floors with our restoration and renewal services. Using superior products and equipment – our specialists thoroughly prepare the floors by removing old finishes, scratches, and embedded dirt within the wood before the refinishing process even begins. With the proper procedures and maintenance, hardwood floors are one of the best long-term investments for facilities. With JanNet International you are assured an unmatched clean, glossy sheen.

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JanNet International prides itself on its reputation for expert, reliable carpet service. Using a hot water extraction method, our approach to carpet care avoids the use of abrasive brushes that can cause damage to the fibers and overall integrity of the carpeting. Additionally, since the moisture is suctioned from the carpets, drying time is greatly improved – meaning your business is back to normal in a flash.

Proper care of carpets can go a long way in reducing allergens, asthma triggers, and improving air quality.

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