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Cleaning Programs

Achieving Optimal Results with Tailored Cleaning Programs

Choosing the right approach to facility maintenance depends entirely on the goals of our clients. To facilitate the process, we offer programs that target specific needs and requirements with the strategy that’s right for you. We customize our cleaning programs to suit the facility.

  • Regularly-scheduled cleaning programs
  • Green Path™
  • Sanitize Plus+
  • Daytime Cleaning
  • Flexi Clean

Green Path™ Cleaning

We know that a facility is comprised of much more than the obvious sum of its parts – the people, purpose, and activity are all intimately interconnected to form the life of a facility. For this reason, the care of this living, breathing structure requires considerations beyond basic cleaning and maintenance.

With the Green Path™ approach, JanNet International takes a holistic view of the facility and recommends alternative that go above and beyond to provide:

A decrease in indoor pollutants that serve as asthma and allergy triggers, as well as overall improvements to air quality

  • Utilize microfiber dusting cloths and HEPA filter vacuums capable of capturing fine particles
  • Minimize exposure to carcinogenic ingredients and flammable air-borne residues by switching from conventional cleaning products

Preventative measures against cross-contamination and germ proliferation of disease-causing organisms

  • Install touch-less dispensers and putting additional focus on the sanitizing of “touch points” such as door handles and fixtures
  • Provide alternatives to conventional hand soap and sanitizing products

Environmentally-conscious solutions, equipment, and machines

  • Provide paper products bleached without the use of bleach and its derivatives
  • Use dispensers that minimize unnecessary packaging and waste

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Sanitize Plus+

Our Sanitize Plus+ cleaning program is a no-touch cleaning system that sanitizes with revolutionary Kaivac machines proven to be 60 times more effective at reducing illness-causing germs than conventional methods. Perfect for health clubs, medical facilities, and high-traffic restrooms, this cleaning system reliably removes targeted bacteria and helps to reduce proliferation.


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Daytime Cleaning

Switching to daytime cleaning comes with a variety of benefits that are easily overlooked but have a big impact on tenant satisfaction, and ultimately, the bottom line:

  • Facilities with high energy consumption can save more than 4 – 8% per year on operating costs associated with building systems such as lighting, hvac, and elevators when buildings remain unoccupied in the evenings
  • High-traffic facilities or spaces with public restrooms will benefit from daytime upkeep which will prevent common complaints such as out of stock soap and paper supplies, as well as maintain health standards during operating hours.
  • Daytime cleaning can also help maintain entryways and common areas to prevent hazardous conditions that can result in dangerous, as well as costly, slips and falls.

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Flexi Clean

Beware of janitorial services that simplify the cost of cleaning and maintenance to a simple square footage calculation. Oftentimes, those types of services are inflexible and tied to a constant, unchanging schedule. We realize that is not a realistic strategy for certain clients – we work with you to create a program that balances down times and high-traffic times to provide the services that best benefit the facility.