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Determining Your Needs

A call to JanNet can help you determine the best approach for the results you need. Our team consists of individuals with years of experience and technical knowledge about cleaning methods and procedures – they are able to explain exactly what the service will entail – not just make a sales pitch!

Our first priority is to listen to your challenges, and secondly, to help you choose the right plan of action to execute. After that, our clients can expect exactly what was requested, with no surprises.

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One-Stop Service Shopping

Facility managers have little time to dedicate to cleaning and maintenance issues, as that is typically only a small part of the job! In order to provide our clients with a service that handles all aspects of cleaning and maintenance, we offer integrated and stand-alone solutions that can be applied as needed:

Customizable, regularly-scheduled cleaning programs

Initial cleanings

Post-construction & event clean-up

♦ Pest Control

♦ Window Cleanings

Floor restoration & maintenance:

  • Hardwood floor refinishing
  • Tile, concrete, marble, and granite renewal
  • VCT stripping, waxing, and burnishing
  • Carpet cleaning, steaming, and hot water extractions with rapid-dry

Restrooms: Long term grime build-up can contribute to persistent odors and stains. Thorough restroom cleanings are recommended as needed based on high or low traffic levels.

  • Deep grout cleanings
  • Detailed cleanings of walls, partitions, and fixtures
  • Power-pressure and steam washing with Kaivac machines

Facility Dispensers & Supplies: Out of stock soap and paper dispensers are the #1 source of tenant complaints. Establishing a regular restocking schedule and managing paper usage with touch-less dispensers can alleviate issues.

  • Free, professional dispenser installations
  • Modern, touch-less dispensers for contaminant control
  • Dispenser maintenance & repairs
  • Regularly scheduled deliveries of paper and toiletries supplies at competitive prices
  • Sustainable and “green” product lines available

Facility Exteriors: Often overlooked, facility exteriors are a huge contributor to first impressions for clients and customers alike. Establishing regular maintenance prevents major overhauls in the long term.

  • Power-pressure washing
  • Window cleanings

Flexible Staffing Support: Oscillating production schedules and operational changes often require and increase in temporary staffing.

  • Additional manpower can be made available to assist in production lines, small projects, on as needed basis

♦ Emergency Response Assistance: Unexpected situations can put a stop to business as usual – but having the right team means you can get back to regular business operations quicker and with the assurance that proper measures are taken to prevent further damage.

  • Expedited response with expertise in restoration and remediation