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Commercial Cleaning Services Your Business Needs

Finding the right commercial cleaning company for your business needs starts when you decide which type of cleaning services you need. As one of the top business to business service providers, JanNet International understands the importance of proper cleaning. The first thing that clients and customers see when they enter your office is the cleanliness of the room. Streaks on the floor, stains on hardwood and other damage can ruin the look you hope to achieve. Commercial cleaning companies offer a few different types of cleaning for businesses and offices.

Hardwood Floors

Many businesses and offices have hardwood floors, and hardwood tends to look a little more respectable and responsible than other types of flooring. Dirt tends to gravitate towards the spaces between the boards, and no matter how hard you clean on your own, you still risk that dirt coming back when you least expect it. JanNet International can completely clean, polish and buff those floors to make the hardwood look shiny and new again.

Carpets and Tile

Some business spaces use carpet and tile floors, and you probably think that those floors are easier to clean. If you hired a traditional janitorial company in the past, you might realize that those floors take special cleaning. Vacuuming carpets and mopping tiled floors aren’t enough to properly clean and sanitize those floors. Commercial cleaning companies use steam cleaners and other machines that remove dust and dirt, eliminate bacteria and leave the floors looking fresh and clean.

The problem with most cleaning companies is that those companies don’t realize the difference between cleaning businesses and homes. If your local cleaning company specializes in cleaning residential properties, it’s time to work with a company that specializes in business cleaning. JanNet International is the leading provider of business to business services, and the trained technicians working for the company will ensure that your office looks its best. With cleaning available for hardwood, tiled and carpeted floors and flexible options, this is the company that you need. Make the right first impression with your clients by getting your office or shop ready for meetings.