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Commercial Cleaning Services

Janitorial Employees

Many businesses, including medical facilities, manufacturing plants and retail establishments, require commercial cleaning services on a routine basis. JanNet International LLC located in Hasbrouck Heights, N.J., provides expert janitorial employees on a contractual basis to businesses in our state and New York. Instead of needing to buy expensive equipment required for cleaning floors and walls, you can hire our workers to bring industrial-strength tools to a building. We make it easy to determine the best budget for your business’s janitorial needs by having a menu available to choose the most important tasks, such as dusting or vacuuming. Not only do you get to select the type of work needed, our services are available round-the-clock each day of the week.

Affordable Solutions

Our company does not require long-term contracts for its commercial cleaning services. We offer knowledgeable employees required for sanitizing buildings any time they are requested. We work with businesses to provide affordable solutions to keep a building clean and safe according to local health code standards. Business owners and managers can contact us to make a financial proposal concerning a budget for one time or multiple janitorial tasks. We also work with clients to provide cleaners in buildings located in different neighborhoods or cities. Our company is an economical way to hire criminally background screened employees who are safe to have near customer and clients. It is our responsibility to ensure employees understand the proper protocols to operate electrical equipment and use cleaning supplies.

Online Quotes

If you are in a hurry to get commercial cleaning services, we offer instant online quotes to determine the cost. Alternatively, managers can contact us with a toll-free telephone number to learn more about the services that JanNet International provides. Government safety standards concerning the safe use of chemicals to clean surfaces are constantly changing. We verify our employees have passed competency tests to understand how to efficiently scrub floors and countertops without wasting products or leaving residue. Clients concerned about maintaining a sustainable environment can request our Green Path technology that uses environmentally friendly cleaners and cloths instead of volatile chemicals and disposable towels.