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Flexibility & Variety Means Customized Maintenance Cleaning Services

Perhaps the most important characteristic of a facility maintenance provider is their willingness and ability to adapt quickly to changing client demands.  How will they handle your request to reduce their costs?  Will they immediately suggest reducing the frequency of maintenance cleaning services, or will they look for a more creative way to cut costs without sacrificing service?  A facility maintenance provider that is committed to client satisfaction will take a closer look at your facility, searching for areas with problems that may be contributing to unnecessary expenses for you.

For example, if one area of your building is consistently defect-free (i.e., scoring 100 percent on internal and customer inspections) while similar areas return inspection scores of 60 or 70 percent, there is a good chance that labor needs to be redistributed to bring the levels of service to an even keel.  In addition, a flexible commercial cleaning provider will have a range of services that can be customized to fit your needs – everything from standard maintenance cleaning services to specialize in carpet steam and extraction, restoring terrazzo, marble and granite floors. There may be some services that you are currently handling in-house, but may want to consider outsourcing in the future.  Can your facility maintenance provider meet those needs?  If so, you may be able to reap additional savings by bundling them with your commercial cleaning services.

When it comes to the bottom line, your choice of Janitorial Service provider can mean big savings – or big expenses.  Consider these tips before changing your service provider.  They may save you from selecting the cheapest quote on paper, only to lose tenants (and income) in the long run. Choose JanNet and it’s services to get quality work and a fair price without compromise.