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Cutting Edge Services from JanNet Intl

Green Technology
Professional janitorial services in New Jersey are able to use environmentally safe green technology to clean businesses such as medical facilities and warehouses. JanNet International of Hasbrouck Heights, N.J., specializes in using the latest eco-friendly cleaners and equipment to sanitize office buildings and business offices throughout our geographic location. Instead of spending a lot of money on training employees and buying industrial-strength equipment to keep your workplace clean, call us. We are able to provide highly trained uniformed employees each time you contact us for a cleaning task. Alternatively, we offer the opportunity to contract our services on a regular basis. Our company makes it easy for you to control cleaning costs with a unique trademarked Flexi-Clean system.

Flexible Scheduling
Even if you company has multiple locations in the areas we serve, our cleaning business is able to plan a cleaning system that is affordable. At JanNet International, we have employees ready to work 365 days a year round-the-clock. We understand that many businesses require janitorial services in New Jersey during hours when there are no customers or clients in the building. Our company can send an experienced cleaning team for a onetime job or regular maintenance work. We keep a complete list of tasks for you to choose from such as floor care or fixture cleaning. As the customer, you get to choose exactly the tasks necessary to keep a business safe and clean.

Environmentally Safe
If you are interested in our specialized Green Path cleaning methods, then talk to us about its values. We believe strongly in our trademarked Green Seal certified cleaning products that protect a building’s indoor air quality while creating fewer pollutants. At the same time, you never need to worry if the environmentally safe products and equipment are keeping your building clean. This is because our team concentrates their attention on where dirt enters a building while carefully using less cleaning product. Our janitorial services in New Jersey team knows how to make sure the areas used most often in a building are sanitized thoroughly without adding unneeded chemicals to surfaces.