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Going Green with Cleaning

In today’s American marketplace, environmentally friendly, or “Green”, services are becoming more of a priority for consumers. Companies that use environmentally friendly cleaning products are sure to have a competitive advantage. As more and more people become environmentally conscious, they are more likely to shop and do business with companies that have the same values that they do.Cheerful woman cleaning white surface in apron and rubber gloves

Some companies now offer Green cleaning and recycling programs. Although these options include environmentally friendly cleaning products, there is much more to it. Many start by preventing dirt in the first place by using mechanical means to capture dirt and pollutants before they enter the building. The smallest details really do count! By emptying vacuum bags when they are only half full, properly measuring and diluting chemicals, and keeping equipment clean and well maintained, cleaning crews are able to maximize efficiency and minimize waste to make for a cleaner, greener product.

Recycling is also a very important part of Green cleaning. Many environmentally friendly cleaning companies use recycled toilet tissue and paper towels that follow the EPA’s guidelines and do not use chlorine in their production. They also help you implement a recycling program for your business. Having a solid recycling program can save your company money and make a positive impression.

Today, people prefer green and environmentally friendly products. People appreciate companies that recycle and use safe, non-toxic cleaning products. There are many NJ cleaning service providers, but only environmentally friendly companies seek to assist you and the environment. Enjoy a cleaner, healthier workplace and the cost savings that can come along with it.