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What are Integrated Services? 27 Feb 2024 - As the structure and flow of business continues to evolve, commercial cleaning and building maintenance has to evolve with it. Due to efforts to minimize costs, rising concerns about security risks, and the juggling of growing tasks and responsibilities, Facility Managers are looking to consolidate contractor partnerships in a way that provides the most benefits. … Read More
Prevent Cross-Contamination 11 Dec 2023 - The Best Approach for Maintaining a Healthy Facility with JanNet International As flu season approaches, we find more and more facility managers reaching out to us to help them find the best method to prevent cross-contamination of germs and disease-carrying bacteria. Costly and persistent, contaminants can result in unhealthy environments, increased sick days, and guest … Read More
Refresh Carpets for the Spring 27 Mar 2023 - Take Advantage of JanNet’s Spring Deals to Refresh your Facility’s Carpets! It is the perfect time to schedule carpet maintenance now that the winter season is finally winding down. Getting stubborn salts and grime build-up that has accumulated over the last few months is crucial for the future health and upkeep of a facility’s carpeting, … Read More