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Industrial Cleaning Services

Finding A Green Cleaning Service

Going green is something that many businesses are adopting. Here at JanNet, we are trying to offering many ways to improve the look of your business while protecting our environment. We will clean any type of industrial business, including large warehouse spaces.

Green Cleaning Services Help Our Environment

Keeping up with the times is something we enjoy doing. Going green is a trend that requires a group effort. We have over 25 years of industrial cleaning services at JanNet International. Our Green Path program is designed to be friendly to the environment. Cleaning chemicals are dangerous for humans to breathe in. We only use cleaning supplies that have a green seal on them. This ensures that they are safe to use and will not damage your health. We also use less water during this system. Finally, we get to use recycled products to eliminate the need for paper waste. Our managers are available during all hours of the day. If you need any questions answered in detail about our green services, please ask us.

What We Clean

Attacking the source of the problem is our main goal. We will clean all entry ways to ensure that harmful bacteria doesn’t get the chance to thrive inside the building. You do not need to worry about providing tools or supplies for cleaning. We have all of that and will help you prevent problem areas from getting worse. If you do not like the job performed, we will return to make it to your liking. This is how we handle our building maintenance procedures. Our company will also handle education facility cleaning. Germs can spread like wildfire in a place like this because many different people are using the same facilities. The same thing happens with medical office cleaning. Staying on top of these buildings is important to ensure that everyone stays healthy during cold and flu season.

JanNet International can handle any job with the help of our green industrial cleaning services. You can request an instant quote if you are interested in any of the services. Call us today at (855)732-9041 if you want guidance for cleaning your building!