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Proactive Maintenance

Addressing building complaints efficiently is of the utmost importance, but it may be more effective to preempt common issues with a proactive maintenance approach. JanNet International can help by working with you to get ahead of prevalent problems that are the source of tenant or visitor dissatisfaction.

Clients have come to us again and again to request that we examine the traffic at their facility to determine the best plan of action for dealing with problematic situations from dangerous entryways to high-traffic bathrooms. Here are common building issues and how to get ahead of them before they become a source of headaches:

Indoor Air Quality: 

The importance of indoor air quality cannot be overstated – it is one of the single most noticeable aspects of an environment – but it goes beyond simple problems like persistent odors or excessive dust in the air. Sensitivity to allergens and asthma triggers is becoming more common, and oftentimes the culprit is conventional cleaning products that release volatile organic compounds into the air. JanNet has addressed indoor air quality concerns by implementing, on a case-by-case basis, some of the following solutions:

  • Using HEPA filter vacuums and microfiber dusting cloths that capture a greater percentage of fine particles
  • Switching from conventional cleaning products to Spartan’s Green Solutions line which is formulated sustainably without the use of dyes and fragrances
  • Performing regular and thorough carpet maintenance to remove dust and dirt build-up that can contribute to stains and odors


Restrooms are the #1 source of tenant and visitor complaints, with the most common culprits being out of stock soap and paper supplies, and unkempt conditions arising in high-traffic locations that are only cleaned after hours. We can help alleviate these situations by:

  • Establishing a regular delivery schedule for soap, paper, and toiletries supplies. JanNet International works with reputable supply partners that offer discounted rates and savings that we pass along to our clients.
  • Installing dispensers that prevent excessive waste of supplies. We provide free dispenser installations and maintenance to all of our clients.
  • Implementing a porter during operating hours to maintain proper cleanliness standards in high-traffic restrooms and to restock supplies as needed throughout the day.


High-traffic entryways can become the source of dangerous slips and falls, particularly during poor weather conditions. Often, even with proper matting, build-up of grime and moisture throughout the day can make those precautions ineffective, resulting in hazards as well as unsatisfactory first impressions. These issues can be prevented by:

  • Switching to daytime cleaning and maintenance or having a porter during operating hours. Being able resolve hazardous conditions immediately by calling on a daytime porter can ultimately save a facility from liabilities and costly repairs to damaged floors.

No matter the situation, JanNet International has the experience to implement solutions that are proven and effective. We can also help you to evaluate other potential sources of complaints, negative impressions, and inefficiencies that are costing your facility money. Call us today for a free quote or consultation!