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Saving Big by Outsourcing the Janitorial Service

In today’s hectic business climate, more and more businesses are looking to an industrial janitorial service to manage the commercial cleaning and supplies consumption of their facilities. The single biggest reason many companies are moving to outsourcing their janitorial services is it saves money, but there’s more.

The janitorial services are one specific area where a mounting work load, razor thin budgets and lack of expertise make hiring a professional janitorial service an option worth considering. There are significant advantages to outsourcing industrial janitorial services, but among all of these advantages, there are three great reasons to use an Industrial Janitorial Service that make the most sense to business owners and facility Managers from a myriad of industries.

• Increases performance and eliminate expenses associated with payroll benefits, liability insurance, workers compensation, 401K plans and health insurance

• Stay focused on your core business and the bottom line

• Reap the benefits of an Industrial Janitorial Company without the work or risk

• Obtain 30-40% as part of the customer discount in other services like, refinishing floors, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and much more.

At JanNet, we can show you how. We have a vast experience in helping corporation in the transition. Companies around the world are been switching from in-house commercial cleaning system to us. One of many examples is been Zodiac Aero Evacuation System America a world leader in aerospace equipment and systems for commercial, regional and business aircraft, as well as helicopters and space applications, located in France with 96 sites worldwide. Excellent reference to those that decided to consider this option.