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Selecting the right facility maintenance service provider: Saving Costs without Compromising Quality

Cost-savings is the watchword for today’s business operations, especially when it comes to facility maintenance. The competitive economic environment has put pressure on business professionals to find savings wherever possible, and commercial property owners and managers seeking cost-effective maintenance cleaning services are no different. Oftentimes the switch to a low-cost provider is made to achieve the cost savings required for other corporate objectives, but how can you be certain that the provider you select will ensure the level of quality that tenants demand? The “bargain” rate quoted by a cleaning company may actually cost you more in the long run if their poor service causes you to lose business.

Often cleaning companies offer excellent quotes for janitorial services to prospective clients, but do not disclose in their cleaning proposals the amount of hours their cleaning crew will be on-site. At JanNet International, cleaning proposals have a schedule included which informs the customer of the amount of time the cleaning crew will be on-site. We carry one of the most sophisticated methods for tracking labor hours. MITC is a system which is accessible by the clients on a daily basis from their computer, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. This system allows also our managers in the field to track tardiness, and notifies absentees to dispatch our emergency team, if necessary.

We are proud to introduce our new Flexi-Clean™ service option. Follow us at JanNet’s Blog for more exciting news, cost savings and value with JanNet.