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What separates JanNet from the competition?

JanNet has an edge in the office cleaning and janitorial market because of their advanced techniques and commitment to professional results. JanNet’s commercial cleaning services are some of the most technically advanced in the industry. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Green Path– an optional cleaning alternative that employs a green cleaning service with only certified Green Seal products.
  • Flexi Clean Option– because we understand that one-size-does-not-fit-all. Combined with our instant quote calculator customers have a clear understanding of what price they are going to pay and saves both time and money.
  • Sanitize-Plus Program– a newly developed program that utilizes No-touch technology, an advanced, science-based cleaning system. This system has been proven to be 60 times more efficient at reducing illness-causing germs than conventional methods.

JanNet prides itself in being as transparent as possible with its customers. For this reason we have developed the Instant Quote Calculator, an industry leading tool that allows for the customer to have a real estimate of how much a job will cost. This saves money as well as time and allows for better price comparisons while shopping for the office cleaning and janitorial services they need.

All these things are worth nothing without the proper cleaning professionals. For this reason, JanNet hires only the best janitorial professionals and holds a focus on training them to use the best cleaning technologies. Our employees aim for greater productivity and service that directly results in more efficient cleaning.

So if you are looking for office cleaning services, professional janitorial services, a business cleaning contract, or one time commercial cleaning service, choose JanNet International for all of your professional cleaning needs.